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  By filling out this form below you are agreeing to a NON-COMPETE agreement with working for Sundry Models. This form will outline what Sundry Models will pay you, what breaks this agreement.

Name *
As a Manager you will be paid a weekly base pay of $10, making $40 a month. *
You will also make a commission pay of $0.50 weekly per one post for the following: 2 facebook group posts, 1 professional page post, sunday shout outs, sharing the facebook album of the shoot that week, in two facebook groups and on your professional page, regardless of which state it is in. Making $2 a week if there is no album to share, and $3.50 if there is an album to share. *
Pay day is usually the 5th of every month for the month coming up. For weekly pay and commission. Meagan Blake can pay you earlier and will need to notify you if pay will be later then the 5th of the upcoming month *
You can not coach, work for, and/or run a group event for any of our competitors. There will always be an updated list in the private Facebook Groups to let you know which companies/groups are Sundry Models competitors. *
As a coach you receive the following: online portfolio, free shoots (shoot only option), Sundry Models Coach T-shirt, training as much as possible, all modeling and training classes as long as they are not cancelled, promoting on Sundry Models website, social media, and magazines. *
If a model puts your name down as the coach who recommended them to join you receive $5 per model that does so. Pay starts only after the first 5 discounted spots are filled. *
This non compete agreement is good for the length of time you work for Sundry Models. *
If you are found working for/with any of our competitors you will be immediately removed from all Sundry Models groups, events, messages, and blocked from joining any future events. You will not be able to work for Sundry Models again. *
You are welcome to model for other competitors. AS A MODEL ONLY. *
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